Winter Chic in Cambridge: Hat off to Kate Middleton’s Vintage Fringe

05/15/2015 22:10

The pregnancy of Princess Kate has sent a warm to us in the cold winter and the mum-to-be Kate still won’t stop her step of leading the winter chic. Say good bye to her iconic chestnut locks which are simple yet elegant, she continues to prevail her preference to vintage style and restyles her hair with the vintage fringe. 

In recent years, we have to talk about vintage style when it comes to fashion. Our Princess Kate is a big fan of vintage style which can explain her new hairstyle. Retaining her glorious curls, she resorts to a vintage fringe which adds some texture to her hair and blends perfectly with her updated curls. Paired with her vintage style green dress, she raises another fashion wave in Cambridge. I’m afraid that Kate Middleton’s vintage fringe will make salons be busy for a while.