Mom's Memory: 1960s Hairstyles

05/15/2015 19:11

Do you ever wonder about what are the most fashionable hairstyles when our moms are young? In 1960s, there were indeed a number of hairstyles introduced for women. They were especially for the girls with long hairs. Let’s follow our moms’ memory to trace back hairstyle trend in 1960s. 

The ladies with long hairs in 1960s got different styles of their hair like up do straight hairstyle. In this hair style, all the hairs are pulled in the form of tail by leaving small tendrils around them. 

Long coils hairstyle was also very famous in which all the hairs were swept back, and all the hairs are curled by ruler. In up to curly hairstyle, all the hair is pulled in the form of the crown, and they were wrapped in the form of bun. A long smooth hairstyle was also extremely difficult, in which some pieces of hair were added on the top of the head in order to increase the height and length of the hair.