Lea Michele's long sun-kissed curls and peek-a-boof ringe

05/30/2015 11:08

Women will be glad to sacrifice a large quantity of time in salons for attaining chic hairstyles, and those having long hair stand out. My advice is if you want to look really dazzling and gorgeous, your hair should be done as natural as possible. The most attractive long hairstyles are the ones that seem as if they are kissed by the breeze.

Here is a perfect example of how you will attract everybody’s attention just walking in the street. Lea Michele has amazing long curls, each one sculpted and a fancy peek-a-boo fringe. Both elements of the haircut are always in style, because the look natural. 

Here is a small tip how to achieve this allure. While your hair is still damp, apply some styling foam in the roots and the ends. Then take a big round brush and invert the fringe inwards and dry it. This should be done slowly and a bit to one side so that you have the fringe divided. Then each lock and dry it separately by doing the same movement. After that apply some hair spray and you will have the most fascinating of all long hairstyles.