How to Be a First Lady: Irreplaceable Bob

05/22/2015 11:03

Look back on those elegant and competent first ladies, their fashion taste is not a little bit inferior to their taste in picking husband, right? As the most high-profile ladies in this country, they do set a good example to us. Their outstanding performance in dressing is no need to repeat, today I’d like to praise their taste in hairstyle. Look at them and do you notice it? 

Yes, the unanimous choice: bob, the coexistence of beauty and wisdom. Like their dressing, their every move in their hairstyle will make a splash in the whole country and as a trendy hairstyle in latest years, bob should give credit Michelle Obama, our first lady who just got a second four years like her husband. Her sleek black bob matches well with her healthy skin and accent her vitality and ability. Look at our competent Hillary Clinton, the great woman I couldn’t admire more. After lots of attempts, bob steals her heart finally. 

So wish you get some clue in choosing hairstyles, my office ladies.